Meneae E27 LED Light Bulb Range

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Project Description

Product Code: 10W PAR20: 901-0003 | 14W PAR30: 901-0004 | 20W PAR38: 901-0005

Key Features

  • AR111 Light Bulb Replacement
  • Dimmable with most AC TRIAC Dimmers
  • Modern simplistic design
  • Energy saving
  • Long Lifetime rating of over 30,000hrs
  • Available in White, Silver, Black finishes
  • Ideal for both commercial or residential purposes

Product Description

The Dimmable Directus 10W AR111 LED Downlight is an exceptionally high performance retrofit type LED light.

It is carefully engineered with the most advanced LED innovations and the highest quality components to ensure optimal performance and reliability for years to come.
Proprietary built-in driving circuitry enables the Directus 10W AR111 to take the place of traditional halogen lighting. An easy and effortless way to experience LED lighting while saving energy consumption and reducing CO2 emission.
Applications include; Architectural lighting, commercial lighting, retail displays, residential properties, galleries, offices, schools and universities.


Lighting Performance

Colour Temperature Lumen Output LED Quantity CRI Minimum Lifetime
3000K, 4000K, 6000K 650lm 6 >70 30,000hrs

N.B Lumen values quoted on Pure White (6000K)

Input Data

Drive Current Power Supply Type Power Factor Input Connection
350mA Constant Current >0.9 G53 Fit

Operating Details

Power Ambient Temperature Range
10W -20 to +40 °C

Physical Details

Weight Finish Ingress Protection
190g (±10g) White, Black, Silver IP20


Single LED Colours Optics
Warm White, Neutral White, Pure White 25°, 40°

Bundled Driver Specification

Input Output Current Output Voltage
100-240V AC 350mA 24V DC


Mechanical Dimensions (Unit mm)

Available Colours




Control Options